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London Brunching

If I could pick one meal to eat over and over again it would be brunch. Brunch is by far the reason to get up and moving in the morning – well other than coffee of course.

I got to spend most of my summer working and living in London, one of the most exciting experiences in my life for sure. While my time in London I had a mission to explore as much as possible and to find all the hidden brunch spots. Well I guess after 7 weeks mission accomplished on the brunch end. I tried multiple places and one of my favorite brunch spots was called Bill’s SoHo Restaurant. This brunch spot was truly one of the best, with not to mention pretty fabulous coffee as well.

To brunch I wore one of my now more icon London looks, a dress I got from H&M in London. This dress is a lovely deep plumy brown color with a bold print all over. The print is covered in a leaf pattern in shades of blue and red. This dress had a bit of a bell sleeve and a tie that could be tied on the neck, it tapered in at the waist to add definition and flare out in an A-line shape.

This lightweight dress was one for the books during my time in London and will be continued to be styled different ways to wear over and over again.  This look was all about the dress so I paired it with a simple pair of nude sandals to finish it off.

Have a fab week everyone!

Product break down: Dress- H&M, Shoes-Nordstrom Rack

xoxo Monica

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