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Forever my color of choice-

I have always had a fascination with the color black, and by fascination I mean love affair. No matter how many colors in the rainbow I try, black is still the only color I will truly love.

So coming to England for the summer and learning that my all time favorite color is worn not only with the same frequency, but possibly more than me – shocking I know, I almost died.

Let me tell you, I am one happy camper. Anyway as I keep finding ways to style my all black ensembles, I went for one of my classic looks for this outfit.

I wore this dress from Nordstrom Rack with my favorite pair of sunglasses and all time go-to vans to give my look the street edge it needed. I also threw on a printed choker to change up the look.

This casual look was perfect for walking around the city and exploring what London is all about.

Product break down: Dress- Nordstrom Rack, Shoes-Vans, Sunglasses-Polette, Choker– Target

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xoxo Monica

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