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Usmooth Haircare

There is nothing I love more than pretty waves that are not too curly but also not straight. I have the unique opportunity to try out an amazing line of hair care, Usmooth, provides amazing salon quality hot tools and hair care products to keep hair looking forever fresh at an affordable cost. I have been using the products for a good couple of weeks and love them. I used to use a 1.5 in curling iron to curl my hair but knew I wanted to try a smaller barrel to have a little more control on the shape of the curl. So I tried out the 1 in curling iron and I am in heaven. Sizing down made all the difference in giving me the wavy look I have been striving for. The curling iron also left my hair very shinny something that I always look for after I curl my hair.

I also got to try out the shampoo and conditioner for this great line, which left my hair feeling very fresh and clean. I love having my hair very soft and shiny after washing it and the conditioner left my broken ends very soft and no longer rough to the touch. I have color treated hair so having products that will help with the retention of my color is very important to me.

The hair spray has to be my favorite part for sure; I am a hair spray fanatic for sure. After curling my hair I go to hair spray immediately to provide that support that my hairs needs after curling. I am the type of person that curls their hair one day and expects it to last for 3 so having a hair spray that can hold the style and provide me a fresh feeling is very important.

The last product I reviewed was a curling lotion, something not too many people know is that I have naturally curly hair. I tend to not wear my hair naturally but with this lotion I might have to change that decision, well at least for some days… the curling lotion provided my naturally curly hair with hold and support and helped define my curls leaving my hair with hold but not an overbearing hold.

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