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Population Now

I had the pleasure of teaming up with Population Now to style their ‘Get Lost Tee’! I had so much fun working with them & we got to put together this fab interview!  Go check out their amazing site and check out their blog ~ Population Now

Q: What sparked your interest in fashion and when did you decide to start blogging?

A:I have always loved fashion ever since I was a child I would spend hours a day just playing dress up and making outfits from my clothes. I would always like to see how many different looks I could make with just one piece of clothing. I grew up watching I Love Lucy and was always fascinated by the fashion in the 50s and what Lucy would wear. So this drove me from a young age to adore all things fashion. I started blogging about a year ago; I wanted a platform to showcase my love for fashion and design with people. Since I am studying graphic design designing my blog and being able to build it from the ground up was very cool.

Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A:My personal style would be classic with an edge. I pride my self on being a lover of all things black, so I like to find outfits to reinvent my favorite color while incorporating pops of color.

Q: In your posts, you talk about your love of basics. What would you say are your go-to basic pieces?

A: My forever go to basic pieces would be a black tee shirt, denim jacket, and black skinny jeans. With these three simple pieces styling any outfit is a breeze. I like to focus on one piece of my outfit and have the rest stand back classic basics allow that to happen!

Q: You talk about spending your summer living in London. How was that experience and how did it affect your personal style?

A: London was an absolute dream, I worked there for 8 weeks this past summer at a creative agency that specialized in the fashion sector. I was constantly surrounded with people in the fashion industry, which was amazing. In London the uniform of the day is always black, so for me this was a God sent and aloud me to style a lot of all black looks. My daily uniform was a layered all black outfit with a red lip. The London style is very much so my comfort zone in fashion.

Q: Since you are a student going back to school in the fall at Purdue, what would you say are your favorite on-campus looks?

A:Going back to Purdue I like to keep my campus look pretty simple, I gravitate to a good pair of ripped skinny jeans a lose fitting flannel and some loafers. I find that looking put together and comfortable is the best go to.

Q: Right now you are studying graphic design, how do you think this creative field contributes to your fashion inspiration?

A: Studying graphic design allows me to look at fashion through a different lens. I love working with typography and how type interacts with fashion images. I get inspired looking through magazines and seeing how print design and fashion work together seamlessly.

Q:Last question: what do you hope to do after college and what would you like to be remembered for?

A: I hope go into print design at a fashion company or work for a creative agency like I did in London. I want to be remembered for creating design in fashion that invokes emotion.


Have a great week!


Monica Farag

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